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The Zoo (v. 2.0)

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So here we go.*

Way back in the day, a bunch of high school girls decided to create their own special ficitonal place where actors and rock stars were readily available for sex and entertainment. This Internet harem was The Zoo, inspired by a the crazy episodic scripts of The Road to Fooksburgh and the Disco Inside My Head (which is sadly no more).

But then college happened, and reasons for maintaining The Zoo were pretty thin. The project was abandoned, and life went on.

Until two of these girls realized it could be resurrected as a LiveJournal community. This is the end product of that realization.

Welcome to The Zoo, v. 2.0, bitches. Sit back, relax, and (hopefully) laugh at our insanity.

The Zoo is maintained by Mama K
and Tania.

*I am way too addicted to Modest Mouse's Dashboard.